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You call yourself an audiophile? A tip-roller? Then you gotta check out what's new at SpinFit! Newest releases and information on SpinFit earphone tips.

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Do you own a "true wireless," "cable-free," or "wire-free" earphone? Maybe a Bragi Dash Pro, B&O Beoplay E8, Jabra Elite Sport, Jaybird Run, or a Samsung Gear IconX.

The complete lack of a cable connecting the earpieces makes the ear tip an especially important part of the earphone. 

Worried about losing an earpiece? Want an upgrade?

SpinFit has came out with two ear tip models that pair extremely well with most of the True Wireless Earphones – CP350 & CP100Z.


So what are the differences between CP350 & CP100Z?


It is a common concern of many True Wireless Earbud users to lose an earpiece. With SpinFit, it will no longer be an issue. SpinFit's patented design enables the eartips to turn with the curves and sit deeper in a person's ear canal. The result is a much more secured and complete seal with better noise isolation and sound enhancement. 



Designed with the similar structure to CP100 but with a shorter core, CP100Z aims for a tighter, even more secured fit – especially great for the athletes.

The ergonomic elipitical ear tip shape of CP350 results in a comfortable, lasting long wear that eliminates fatiguing – perfect for casual listening.



Since CP100Z is larger in dimension, make sure to check the dimensions to see if it will fit in the charging case before purchasing (see size chart below). On the other hand, CP350 has absolutely no problem fitting in any charging case due to its smaller size.

CP350 and CP100Z are both compatible with most True Wireless Earphones available on the market with a few exceptions (Sony WF-1000X - CP145, Erato Apollo 7 - CP155).


IMPORTANT - Go Down A Size

Whether you decide to go with CP350 or CP100Z, go down a size when purchasing SpinFit Eartip. Because SpinFit Eartip is made flexible at the core, the eartip is supposed to sit deeper in the ear canal than the regular eartips.

For example, if you use a medium size ear tip from other eartip manufacturer, then make sure to get a size small when purchasing CP350 or CP100Z.